You may have seen that we recently asked you all to nominate who you think is the most influential landscape architect. The idea of this feature was to canvass the UK working landscape architects to let us know who they believe are currently influencing the UK landscaping sector. The results are not by any national research or scientific approach, but purely based on the opinions of the landscape architects that kindly participated. Andrew Grant was voted the Most Influential Landscape Architect.

Andrew has worked on a range of highprofile award-winning projects – notably the £500m Gardens by the Bay development in Singapore – and has collaborated with some of the top architects and engineers in the world. For Gardens by the Bay, he led the design team on the striking 54ha space, which explores the technical boundaries of landscape and horticulture in an Asian city, and won the Building Project of the Year Award at the 2012 World Architecture Festival. Andrew studied landscape architecture at Heriot-Watt University/Edinburgh College of Art. He formed Grant Associates in 1997 to explore the emerging frontiers of landscape architecture within sustainable development. He has a fascination with creative ecology and the promotion of quality and innovation in landscape design. Each of his rojects responds to the place, its inherent ecology and its people. In 2012, Andrew was awarded the title of Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) in recognition of his pioneering global work in landscape architecture. He is also a visiting professor for the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield. He was made an Honorary Fellow of the RIBA in 2010, reflecting the strong relationships he has developed with many of the leading architects in the UK and abroad, as well as for his work on key architectural projects, such as the 2008 Stirling Prize winning Accordia.

“His combination of stunning original worldclass design, such as Gardens by the Bay, and his full engagement with ecological and environmental issues and design is unique”

“Andrew Grant is the one person that has achieved most, in that his Singapore Gardens has done more than any other to raise the profile of landscape within popular culture. I believe society has increasingly biophilic tendencies, and this project, above all others, expresses man’s awareness of the world that he inhabits”

“He has basically transformed the UK and global profile of the landscape architect”

“At the top of the tree, working here and abroad, influencing contemporary landscape design through his resilient ecology approach”

“Most recognisable projects by a UK landscape architect”