South Cambridgeshire District Council has resolved to grant outline planning permission for the Wellcome Trust’s proposals to significantly expand its world-renowned Genome Campus.

Cutting-edge genome and biodata research takes place at the campus.
LUC worked alongside Arup to develop the 3D massing of the proposals. It tested the visibility of various iterations of the proposals and communicated this to the council using visualisations produced from a 3D computer model.
LUC produced the landscape and visual impact assessment and photomontages as part of the EIA, submitted alongside the planning application.
The Wellcome Trust’s want to build on the scientific foundations of the campus to become the international centre for scientific, business, cultural and educational activities arising from genomes and biodata. It is estimated that around 4,300 new jobs will be created by the expansion of the campus.
The proposal also includes land for a new school, a nursery and community facilities and provides public open spaces and allotments. There will also be shops and food and drink outlets, new cycling and walking paths, road crossing points and alterations to local roads including a new roundabout on the A1301. A fitness centre and health centre are also included in the plans.
The campus is proposed to be opened up to provide public access, which would enable surrounding communities to use a range of open space and facilities.
Image credit to Cityscape Digital