Earlier this month FutureArc headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to take a look around its latest garden, The Children’s Garden.

Kew gardens didn’t want to create a playground but rather a play garden and with the assistance of Chris Chippendale, landscape architect for Ground Control, and the construction team at Ground Control this is something that it more than succeeded at.

The Children’s Garden has been designed around the elements that plants need to grow and has been split into four different sections: earth, air, sun and water.

Work on the 10,000m² site, which is close to the existing White Peaks family café, began in October 2017. The garden is inspired by the desire to encourage kids to develop a lasting relationship with and love for plants and nature. The site already had 62 mature trees in place, including Eucalyptus and Turkey Oaks, and a further 40 mature trees were added to this space, including Gingko and Pines.

Take a look at our video below as we take you through the different areas of the garden and show you what it has to offer.